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NewsHow I stopped worrying about money and started living
How I stopped worrying about money and started living

“Being made redundant was one of the best things that ever happened to me. That probably sounds ridiculous especially to people struggling to find work. But it was the wakeup call I needed to stop the disastrous way I handled money.

"Even though I had a decent salary, I was always worrying about money, scraping to get by at the end of the month, sometimes borrowing off relatives or friends. I became addicted to shopping online and built up a massive credit card bill. I got into a vicious cycle of feeling ‘high’ when I spent money and then feeling guilty when I checked my bank balance. It’s not even as if I needed most of what I bought. My finances were completely out of control. And so was my life. I’d feel stressed out and anxious - and often tired from sleepless nights wondering how I’d pay off my debts.

"With the prospect of losing my job, I knew something had to give. My first step was to get some advice about clearing my debts: I’d run up over £3,000 on credit cards. I felt ashamed but the debt adviser offered help not judgement. Then I set up a standing order to save £35 a month. Not exactly a fortune, but for the first time in my life I became a saver. I completely changed my spending habits, only buying what I needed, cooking from scratch, selling stuff through eBay to raise cash.

"Three years later, I no longer earn a good salary, but I can get by on a much lower income doing a job I love. I’m happy, healthy, spend more time with friends and family and less money on stuff I don’t need. And the only time I get ‘high’ on shopping these days is if I bag a genuine bargain. Most of all, I feel in charge of my money and free to enjoy my life.”

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