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NewsYou said, we did: listening to our members
You said, we did: listening to our members


Over 400 members took part in our recent Serve U Better service improvement survey - and came up with great suggestions. We’re already working on the major developments like online banking and bigger loans. But members came up with scores of other ideas - from joint savings accounts to funeral plans - which we’re putting into practice:


Question: Can you allow members who want to withdraw sums of over £200.00 for big purchases to book a withdrawal date in advance by phone?

Answer: Yes. You’ll need to give us 48 hours notice to withdraw sums of up to £2,000.00. We would always recommend that you make large withdrawals by bank transfer, if possible, for your own security.


Question: Can you consider other forms of ID to make withdrawals - not everyone has a passport or driving licence? 

Answer: We accept bank cards and Post Office cards with signatures. Also, we can produce WCCU membership cards with photos and your signature. To get one, just pop into our Worcester Street branch.


Question: Could you be clearer about how you decide on whether a member can receive a loan? And can you tell members why they have been refused a loan?

Answer: Yes, we agree. We plan to create a simple document about our loan policy and publish it online too. We’re a responsible lender of ethical and affordable loans that are tailored to the unique circumstances of each individual applicant.


Question: Can you provide joint accounts?

Answer: Yes we can provide joint savings accounts. If you’d like to set one up, just call 01902 572340 or email


Question: Would you consider providing funeral plans?

Answer: Yes, we know that the rising costs of funerals are an issue for our members so we’re taking a look at this and will report back.


Question: Could you provide more private space in your Worcester Street branch so members can discuss confidential matters?

Answer: That would be quite difficult and expensive to do. We do have a private area though on busy days, you may have to wait a little while to use it.  Always let the member of staff know at the counter if you need to talk about a private matter - or, if possible, try to book an appointment in advance to do so.


Question: Can you be more up front about charging £10.00 administrative charge to receive the top-up loan ‘while you wait’? 

Answer: We always try to be clear to members who apply for the top-up loan that if they want to get it ‘while they wait’ they will need to pay the £10.00 administrative charge (which is added to the loan). We’ll do our best to make this clearer. Alternatively, members can avoid the charge by waiting up to 48 hours to access the loan. (Incidentally, most payday lenders charge £20.00 for high interest loans ‘while you wait’).


Question: Could you clear up confusion about whether savings are affected by loan especially when a loan is made against savings?

Answer: We agree that we should be really clear on this point. In fact, we think it might be helpful if we issue a letter with the member’s copy of the agreement so they’re absolutely clear on the matter.


Question: Can you issue more regular statements by email?

Answer: Yes. Members can subscribe to eStatements on the website and request them as often as they want to. To register to bank online (enabling you to check your balances 24/7) you will need your membership number, a PIN (available by calling 01902 572340 or emailing and your date of birth.


Question: Is it possible to sign paperwork electronically?

Answer: As part of our long-term service improvements we’re helping members do more banking online. So we hope to introduce this facility later this year. We’ll keep you posted.


Question: Could we have cashpoint access?

Answer: We offer members the Engage Classic Account which comes with a pre-paid card that enables you to do ATM withdrawals



Question: Could you do more to promote the benefits of schemes that rival BrightHouse?

Answer: Yes, we agree. Our members benefit from exclusive offers on electrical products from Right Price. As well as offering competitive prices, Right Price delivers over 95% of orders within 48 hours.

Right Price will also remove your old model free of charge when you buy any major kitchen appliance. Check website for details. We’ll promote the offer regularly through our forthcoming e-newsletter.


Question: why do you carry out credit checks? Do you use these for credit scoring?

Answer: As a responsible and ethical lender, we carry out credit checks to make sure that loan applicants can afford to pay back the amount they want to borrow. However, we don’t use credit scoring as the basis of our decision. We treat each applicant as an individual and take into account a range of information about circumstances.


Question: can you provide statements in different formats for people with disabilities?

Answer: If you need your statement in different formats, call us on 01902 572340 or email



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